Please Note:

I am not a business, but an amateur hobby caster. My casting is truly a self-supporting hobby when I have the time between family and work, which is quite limited. My goal is to preserve these wonderful old miniatures and keep them alive for those who collect, paint and game with classic miniatures.
When there is time, I also maintain a Classic Miniatures Facebook page and four Yahoo Groups; one for Heritage collectors in general (Disciples of Heritage), a Heritage Lord of the Rings Group, a Galacta 25 Group and a Heritage Models reference Group for Heritage printed material. Please ask for an invitation if you would like to join.

If you are interested in acquiring miniatures please contact me directly. Due to my schedule I do not maintain a store and sales to support casting are truly on the “by the handful” hobby scale. My posted list can be out of date, please ask about anything Heritage and I will give you a status.