I am open to trades for the following:

Minifigs Dungeons & Dragons- especially orcs, goblins, kobolds, gnolls, hobgoblins & demons. I have a general interest in Minifigs fantasy including World of Greyhawk and Valley of the Four Winds.
Masterpiece Miniatures
Broadsword Miniatures
Adina orcs or goblins
Superior Models Wizzards & Lizzards
Ray Lamb 90mm orc with axe
vintage packaged Der Kriegspieler’s Fantastiques or Heritage Fantasy Fantastics
Heritage Knights & Magick
Heritage Fantasy or Heritage packaged Fantastiques
Old Guard Empire of the Petal Throne
Vintage 70s Grenadier Hussite war wagon, fantasy & Gamma World miniatures
McEwan wz-7, mounted rider appearing as “the death dealer”
Dragontooth Saurians, Amphibians, Boar-Men & Vulture-Men
Ral Partha 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ettin
Heroscape select game miniatures and terrain
Miniatures molding/IP, master figures available for sale
Any Heritage company materials, promotional materials, catalogs, display items etc.
Scans and photo contributions are always welcome!

I am always interested in acquiring vintage lines of miniatures for production, please contact me if you know of any old spincast molds for sale. Molding from Heritage and any information on the whereabouts/ownership of Masterpiece Miniatures, Saxon and Adina is highly desired.

Contributions of clean, intact, unpainted (or perfect pieces that can be stripped), sharp originals is always appreciated as they can be used to make new molds. While most of the lines I purchased were more or less complete, certain figures or entire packs were lost over the years. Many of these lines are almost 40 years old and original molding, sculpts and master figures are in many cases long gone.